Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a web site cost?
There are quite a few factors that affect the ultimate cost of your web site. These include the graphic work involved, whether you want animation or not, if you will be selling any products, how many pages you are going to have and how interactive your future web site will be. You will also need web hosting and domain name registration, which we can set up for you. Contact us for more information.

How long does it take to have a website designed?
Generally speaking, a website will take between 1 and 4 weeks to complete. The time frame is determined by the complexity of your site design, the overall size of your web site and our current workload.

Can I monitor the progress being made on my site while it is still being developed?
During the development stage of a typical web project, and until you have your own web address we will post the work on the internet so that you will be able to see exactly what is being done, and if changes have to be made.

What is web hosting?
After your website is designed, all the files have to be placed on a server, in order for them to be accessible on the Internet. Web hosting companies do this for a monthly fee, & we will set you up with them at no additional charge.

We will make your web design experience pleasant, hassle-free, affordable and enjoyable. Contact us for a free quote today toll-free at (866) 493-6666.